Nomination Guidelines

We value that you have taken the time to nominate your favourite inspirational reads of the year. We want every nomination to count, so here are some guidelines before you submit your choices.

  • Books must fit into one of the proposed categories (the Advisory Board will reassign books into categories if necessary).
  • The long list will no longer be available to the public until the top 15 (chosen from the nominations) are determined.
  • Please note that you are restricted to nominating one book per category per person. If more than one book is submitted by the same nominator in the same category, the submission with the earliest timestamp will be the only one considered.
  • eBooks are not eligible. Books must be published in print.
  • Self-nominations by authors will not be considered.
  • INDIE and self-published books will be accepted for nomination granted they fit all of the above criteria as well as:
    • 4-star rating average on Goodreads
    • minimum of 50 written reviews on Goodreads