Book Criteria

In order for a book to qualify for the INSPYs, it must meet the following criteria:

The book must have been published in print in the United States between January 1st, 2017 and December 31st, 2017. Print books that were first released as eBooks prior to 2017 are ineligible.

Reissues, and eBooks are not eligible.

INDIE books are eligible. Self-published books must fit all of the standard criteria, as well as meet the following requirements: 4-star average rating on Goodreads, minimum 50 written reviews on Goodreads.

The book must possess exceptional literary qualities including but not limited to: innovative, original writing, and depth of characterization.

The book must respectfully grapple with some element of the Christian faith.

The book must not have excessive profanity or explicit sex scenes.