2018 Nomination Form

Nominations are now open. Please review the Book Criteria and Categories prior to nominating a book.

Guidelines for Nominators:

  • Multiple nominators are allowed to nominate the same book more than once.
  • Please note that you are restricted to nominating one book per category per person. If more than one book is submitted by the same nominator in the same category, the submission with the earliest timestamp will be the only one considered.
  • eBooks are not eligible. Books must be published in print in the 2017 calendar year.
  • Self nominations by authors will not be considered.

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us at inspyawards@gmail.com.

Thank you!

If the form doesn’t load, please try viewing it here.

  • Janette

    Great list so far….love anything Bischof!

  • Why in these changing times when quality self-published novels are on the rise, do the Inspys exclude self-published works from all consideration? If you really do intend to discover and highlight the very best literature that deals with expressions of the Christian faith, why exclude self-published works a priori?

    • inspys

      @Tony Breeden: The Inspy Awards recognizes that there are certainly wonderful self published books available and many established authors are taking a more untraditional approach to publishing. We respect and appreciate the creative process behind writing and publishing for all authors. The Advisory Board has a very limited timeframe to read all nominated books and the new regulations are our effort to become more effective in that process by opening eligibility only to established and independent publishing houses. We refer all self-published authors looking for a similar outlet to The Grace Awards, who are currently accepting nominations for their annual awards: http://graceawardsdotorg.wordpress.com/. Thank you for your understanding.

  • With all due respect, by excluding self-published works, you can in no way be said to be recognizing the many wonderful self-published books available, because, quite to the contrary, you aren’t recognizing ANY of those wonderful self-published books; you’re only recognizing the wonderful traditionally published books. You are free to conduct your awards process however you feel is appropriate, but let’s not patronize hardworking, dedicated self-publishers with such lipservice. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go to the water fountain I’m allowed to drink from. Thank you for clarifying your position.

  • Although Mr. Breeden starts his comment “with all due respect,” it seems to me that he’s not showing any respect at all for the people who take the time and exert the effort to put this particular contest together. He’s a self-published author, and the people at Inspy have suggested–with no disparagement of his work that I see– that he consider another contest for which he’s eligible. They have chosen, for their own reasons, to limit entries to traditionally published books. The Board of the American Christian Fiction Writers has considered this situation numerous times over the past few years, and at present limit their awards in a similar fashion. That’s their prerogative.
    I happen to be traditionally published, but have the utmost respect for people who self-publish. It’s an individual decision, but not one that requires constant validation in the form of putting down people who choose the other road. I wish Mr. Breeden well, in the same fashion that I applaud everyone who has taken the time and exerted the effort to put together one or more books and publish them, in whatever manner. And my thanks to the members of the Inspy Board for their efforts as well.

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  • Joan Fox Reconnu

    Loved the Romantic Suspense “Out of Darkness” by Erynn Newman. I was hooked from the first chapter until the last. Fell in love with the characters and didn’t want the story to end!

    • Lydia

      Thank you Joan. Please make sure to submit your nominations via the nomination form for it to be counted. Sincerely, Inspy Awards Advisory Board.

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