2011 Creative Nonfiction Judges

The 2011 INSPYS Advisory Board is pleased to announce the judging panel for the category of Creative Nonfiction:

I’m Cori! I’m an editor and I love my job. I live in (generally) sunny California. In addition to reading, I love: God’s creation, blogging, being a ninja, road cycling, tweeting, thinking, walking, admiring Craftsman architecture, playing Boggle, being artsy, loving everything British except for Marmite, making art using typography, hiking, training for the Tough Mudder, being sarcastic, playing tennis, kayaking, wondering about Big Questions, collecting ampersands, sitting in the sun, traveling, wishing I was in Scotland, organizing my books, eating my vegetables, watching Arrested Development, and making lists!

Cori Ashley blogs at Let’s Eat Grandpa!

Amanda Patchin finished her MA in literature in 2011 with a thesis on Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia. She now teaches part – time and works on various bookish projects while keeping up with her two preschool sons.  Lover of such writers as St. Augustine, R.L. Stevenson, and Gene Wolfe she can be found with a P.G. Wodehouse novel in her hands most weeks. She blogs at 200books.com.

Deanna Germany blogs at Deanna’s Corner (http://ldgermany.blogspot.com) and enjoys the fact that blogging has been an avenue to feed her true passion – reading.    She developed this passion during the summers as a little girl when she would walk to the bookmobile to check out as many books as she could possibly carry.     Deanna also is a freelance writer for her local newspaper, The Madison Herald.

Deanna makes her home in Mississippi with her husband of twenty-one years.    She has two sons whom she homeschools.     Not surprisingly, the entire family loves to read.  Deanna says her boys have always had more books than boys.  On Friday nights, Deanna’s family hosts huge game nights where anyone is invited and they are fueled by the southern staples:  sweet tea and snacks.   Two of her favorite books include “The Hiding Place” by Corrie Ten Boom and The Bible.

There is not a lot to say about myself other then I am a bum who needs God’s love and forgiveness. I am also a long suffering Cubs fan who just hope that he will see his favorite baseball team in the World Series before God call him home.

Thomas Bingaman blogs at My Random Thoughts

Kate Scott blogs at The Parchment Girl where she reviews books in a variety of genres, interviews authors, gives away free books, and writes about book blogging and the reading life. A born and bred New Englander, she splits her time between Richmond, VA and Boston, MA.