2011 INSPY Book Nomination Form

It’s that time of year! Nominations are now open for the 2011 INSPY Awards. Please review the Book Criteria, Categories, and the list of books already nominated before filling out the nomination form. If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us at inspyawards@gmail.com

  • A wonderful and literary addition to the market continues in Austin’s well-established tradition of superior historicals.

    This book will entice readers of the Christian faith; but also appeal to the general market due to its erudite nature, Austin’s sparkling prose and the greater themes that bind the lives of two very different families on the homefront during the Second World War.

    The best historical on the market this past year.

  • Lynn Riddick

    Ronie Kendig quickly became my favourite author. Her books are filled with fast action, believable relationships, honest emotions, a story line that keeps you intrigued all the way through and a great spiritual message. Her books appeal to both men and women alike with enough meat for the thinker and romance for the dreamer.

  • Lydia’s Charm is a wonderfully crafted book that keep you reading and involved with the characters. Lydia faces terrible loss in her life, as well as conflict with her mother. Her faith continues to grow through it all and she learns what it truly trusting the Lord through everything means.

  • The Journey picks up with Characters from the Daughters of Lancaster County.
    Titus makes the decision to move away from his immediate family. It is hard for him and for his family especially his mother Fanny. He learns that he can stand on his own, that he and his Twin Timothy are a lot a like but also uniquely different. Titus has to deal with a lost love Phoebe, and a new love Suzanne and God’s plan for him. Phoebe is immature and selfish but eventually finds her way to a relationship with the Lord. Suzanne learns that her longing to work with wood is a God given talent, she learns that cooking can be learned even if you really don’t want to.
    The book is full of drama and suspense and keeps you hanging on every word.

  • Sarah’s Choice is the third in the Brides of Lehigh Canal Series. It is a wonderful historical novel. set in the late 1800’s. I love to read historical novels that teach me something about our history and that have vivid characters that I can connect with. Sarah is that type of character.
    Sarah has had a hard life and faces a lot of tragedy, things look pretty hopeless for her. She does not want to keep working on the canal that took her husbands life but she sees no way out. But God has a wonderful plan for her.. she just has to let go of her worry and see God’s plan for her.
    Overcoming worry is something we all can learn to do. Worry is really selfishness on our part.. inward looking not upward looking. Wanda did a fantastic job with this book.

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