Up Close and Personal with James L. Rubart

The Inspy’s Advisory Board is happy to welcome James L. Rubart, author of Spirit Bridge in the speculative fiction category!  James was the 2013 Inspy winner in speculative fiction with Soul’s Gate, on the shortlist in 2014 with Memory’s Door, and the 2010 shortlists with Room.

spiritbridgefrom Goodreads:

The warriors riding have battled in astounding supernatural realms. Set captives free. And awakened thousands of hearts. But now their only chance of survival depends on calling forth the spirit bridge.

Reece, Dana, Brandon, and Marcus have achieved staggering success in spiritual realms . . . but each is reeling from recent vicious attacks. They need rest. A break from the war.

But the warlord Zennon is raging and will give them no quarter. The demon holds what he believes is a trump card–a hidden strategy set in motion before the Warriors Riding even began–that will detonate the team from the inside out. And he’s just set it loose.

The street-magician Simon–finally free of Zennon’s alternate-reality prison–is racing to remember his past before his ignorance obliterates his destiny. Then there’s Miyo, a brash young warrior with advanced knowledge of spiritual realities and supernatural armor even Reece doesn’t know about. They will be pivotal in the final war against the Warriors Riding.

If only the Warriors knew which side Simon and Miyo are truly on.

What are you listening to? I’ve gotten hooked on podcasts lately. One called Serial was fascinating: http://serialpodcast.org/ Also been listening to Writing Excuses http://www.writingexcuses.com/ and How Stuff Works: http://www.stuffyoushouldknow.com/

What are you watching? Saw the new Avengers movie. Loved it. Been watching The Black List (James Spader is memorizing) and The Flash.

What are you reading? Ted Dekker’s A.D. 30, Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader 25th anniversary edition (great variety of trivia, history, personalities, pop culture) and I’m reading Killing Lions with my oldest son.


James’ office ~ enter through the secret passageway {in his son’s closet!}


I spy Inspy-nominated books on that shelf!

Thank you, James, for giving us a peek into your super-secret writing room! As a podcast listener myself, I can so relate to getting hooked on all things Serial!  Isn’t Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader the greatest? My family has been hooked on those books for years ~ it’s amazing the oddball trivia included.  Such a pleasure hosting you today, James!

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