Latest INSPYs news….

It is with gratefulness and a measure of sadness that the Advisory Board makes the following announcement:

Founding member and visionary of the INSPYs, Amy O’Riley, and fellow founding member and worker extraordinaire, Hannah Neilsen, have resigned from the Board due to personal commitments. The Board thanks Amy and Hannah for their invaluable contribution from the moment the INSPYs inspiration first struck Amy, to the day they announced their resignation. The Board wishes Amy and Hannah the very best with their future endeavours and dreams.

The Board is nevertheless delighted to announce the appointment of Rissi and Jamie Lapeyrolerie to the Advisory Board. Their unique talents will greatly contribute to the advancement of the INSPY Awards. Founding member, Rel Mollet, and existing board members, Lydia Mazzei and Stacy Millican, will continue to serve on the Advisory Board.

The Board is hard at work finalising all the details for INSPYs 2014 ~ exciting new developments regarding the INSPYs’ format and process will be announced shortly.

Until next time…

  • Ian

    Thank you Amy and Hannah for your immense contribution and welcome Rissi and Jamie to the board.

    The Christian fiction community is blessed by the work of the INSPY Advisory Board. Thank you for your commitment to it.

  • Amy and Hannah,

    Thank you for making the INSPYs what they are today. May God bless you in your future endeavors.

    Rissi and Jamie,

    Congratulations! I look forward to seeing the upcoming changes. 🙂