Author Interview: James L. Rubart

14291950We are happy to welcome James L. Rubart to the Inspy Blog! The author of Soul’s Gate, shortlisted for the Speculative Fiction Inspy, James gives us a peek into his writing life . . .

What led you to writing?

The Chronicles of Narnia. Those books blew my little ten year old mind. After reading them I decided I wanted to someday try to do for others what Lewis had done for me.

What are the challenges/benefits of incorporating faith into your story?

I’ve honestly never thought about incorporating faith or not incorporating faith into my novels. I simply write the story that is bouncing around my brain shouting to get out. But because my stories (so far) have had a spiritual premise central to the story, I think it’s easier for me than say an author writing a romance, or suspense, where a spiritual theme has to be woven into the novel without feel contrived.

The Secret Writing Room

The Secret Writing Room

Tell us about a book that epitomizes quality {Christian} faith-driven lit.

Arena, by Karen Hancock. It won a Christy, but didn’t have stellar sales. I wish it would have. It’s essentially Pilgrims Progress (one of the bestselling books of all time) for the modern age.

James L Rubart headshot 3 '13Favorite Book ~ Favorite Movie ~ Favorite TV Show?

Book(s) Chronicles of Narnia ~ you saw that coming, right?

Movie ~ Tie between The Matrix and It’s a Wonderful Life

TV Show ~ Lost (yes, even with that horrible ending)

What do you hope readers take away from Soul’s Gate?

Freedom.  I believe that’s the core of the gospel and the mission of Jesus. (Gal 5:1, Is 61:1) I want readers to come away from Soul’s Gate with victory over their fears, greater hope, and more freedom than they’ve ever known before. When I get e-mail and Facebook messages from readers telling me that has happened, it rocks my world in a very good way.

James L. Rubart started his career in broadcast radio and has since started his own marketing firm.  He really does {did} have a secret writing room accessed by a tiny closet door.  Read more about the man behind the books {and the writing room!} at

He can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.